The Pharma & Biopharma Outsourcing Association (PBOA) is a non-profit trade association (501(c)(6)) that advocates for the Regulatory, Legislative, and General Business interests of pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical Contract Manufacturing Organizations (CMOs) and Contract Development & Manufacturing Organizations (CDMOs). Our member companies provide the services that help the pharma and biopharma industry develop and manufacture drugs, biologics, vaccines, and other treatments safely and cost effectively. Tour the site to learn more about the benefits, mission, and membership of the PBOA. Check out PBOA In The Press to see more of our media coverage. Fill out the form to the right for information on how to join.
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Member Testimonials

The CMO/CDMO industry has a long-standing need for a trade association, and I'm proud to be a Founding Member of the PBOA.
Sam Ricchezza, Bora Pharmaceuticals
Afton Scientific is a member of PBOA in order to understand and shape emerging legislative and regulatory issues. If your firm is committed to this industry and not engaged with this organization, it is missing its future.
Thomas Thorpe, CEO, Afton Scientific, LLC
Metrics Contract Services is a Founding Member of PBOA because, as a long-standing player in the CDMO space, we recognize the significant and growing contribution to the pharma/biopharma landscape that contract service providers deliver. We see the PBOA as a great way to ensure that the service provider voice is presented in a manner that enables decisions and policymaking to include this large and critical stakeholder of the industry.
John Ross, Metrics Contract Services